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20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers From Students


The countdown is officially on. We are only four days away from Christmas. I am 90% percent done with my shopping, and I intend to finish everything by the end of tomorrow. Today, I went out of my way to survey some of you on my Instagram to share some gift ideas for your children’s teachers. The goal of the post was to help me figure out what to give my kids’ teachers this year. The response has been massive and somewhat surprising. There were  plenty of ideas I had never thought of before. I was also surprised with the fact that many of my followers were teachers themselves. Read More »

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Kids Approved Toy Guide

Best toy guide of 2016Christmas songs are blasting everywhere, the trees are lit up, It finally feels like Christmas around here. All we need is a little snow. I hope you had the opportunity to check out my previous post, which was all about finding the perfect Christmas gift on a budget. Today, we are going to take things a little further and talk about toys. After all, the little ones enjoy Christmas more than anyone else. Read More »


Sunday’s Favourites 12/11


One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen |

The countdown to Christmas is officially  on. I hope you’ve not been procrastinating all this while.  Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are long gone, there are still some sales happening right now. If you are still on the hunt for the perfect gift,  I’ve got you covered with this gift guide here and here. Today’s post is certainly holiday inspired. Many of the items can be bought for yourself or gifted.These some of my favorite items of the week. Read More »

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Finding The Perfect Christmas Gift with Chatelaine

chatelaine-gift-guide-2016-mycurvesandcurlsThe holidays are just around the corner! I don’t want to get you worried or anything, but we are just 16 days away from Christmas.This is where you insert panic mode for those of us who are a little behind in our gift shopping. The good news is, we finally got our tree and decorations up from the basement to the family room this week. This year, I’ve decided to let the kids and their dad decorate the big tree while I take care of other things like shopping, and organizing the house for family gatherings. Read More »


Sunday’s Favorites + Cyber Monday Sales

plus size Cyber monday sales-mycurves and curls-gift guide

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen |

Have you done any shopping this past Black Friday ? I hope my Black Friday and Cyber Monday plus size sales post was helpful. Finding out what sale is going on where could be overwhelming ,I am glad I could help. I know my Sunday’s favourites post usually comes out on the weekend, but since today is the one of the biggest online sale dates I thought it will be better to hold on to it. These some of my favourites items of the week and many of them are on sale. Read More »



1-Holiday-outfits-plus-size-fashion-rent-the-runway-copy Black Friday

We are just one short day away from Black Friday. I feel like I wrote my last Black Friday deals post just a few months ago. I usually do most of my shopping in comfort my home office or bed. I have no time to fight anyone in the stores. Get ready to stock up on all your winter essentials and gifts for your entire family.Here are some of the best deals happening tomorrow and on Cyber Monday. This list will be updated all day as sales start to come in. Happy shopping! Read More »


10 Cute Plus Size Pajama Sets Perfect For The Holidays


There is nothing better, especially on a cold night than rocking a cute and cozy flannel pajama set. I already see myself sitting next to the fireplace enjoying some hot chocolate with my family. Since the holidays are fast approaching, I thought it would be great to share a few of my favorite plus size pajama sets. I know we wear them to bed, but don’t you feel like you have your life together when you’re rocking a pants and top combo? Don’t get them just for yourself, grab a few for your mother in law, sister, friend, mother, or any pajama lover on your list this year. Cozy up in these cute plus size pajama sets whenever the temperatures start to drop.
Read More »


10 Plus Size Long Sweaters To Wear With Leggings


I hope everybody is had a great week. I have no complaint so far because the weather has been more than beautiful the last few days. Still cannot believe we are in November. Last week, I wrote a post about leggings. Let me rewind; it was actually about plus size long tops to wear with leggings. I broke down the post in different sections and noticed that many of you were more interested in the plus size long sweaters section. That is totally understandable, after all winter is coming. I feel like I see plus size long sweaters everyday while I am doing research for other posts, but for some reason, I had a hard time finding cute ones today.  No worries, I went to digging mode and came up with a few that I loved. A few of them were included in my previous post, but most of them are new items. Hopefully, you’ll find something from the list below. Read More »


Shopping Guide: 2016 Plus Size Holiday Party dresses


Happy to be kicking off the holiday shopping post series. You’re probably thinking it’s not even Thanksgiving yet why are we talking about plus size holiday party dresses?  Well for one, I find myself dressing up way more than usual during the last two months of the year.With countless of parties (Thanksgiving family dinners, office get-togethers, cocktails, Christmas parties) on the horizon, the last thing I want to do is to worry about is what I am going to wear. Planning and shopping ahead of time saves me a lot of headaches.Whether you like form fitting dresses, something simple, or maybe a little conservative I’ve rounded up some of the best plus size holiday party dresses available now. Read More »


Plus Size Long Tops To Wear With Leggings


Tops-to-wear with

This Melissa McCarthy Meme gets me every damn time.

Q: What size do you wear?

A: Leggings

I swear I am cracking up as I am writing it. The meme pretty much sums up my life during Fall/Winter. Do you know how comfortable life gets when you are in your super soft pair of leggings with zero fuck to give? Yeah ! Try it and let me know. There is a reason why Leggings are one the biggest fashion trends for Fall. Believe me, if there is one item you need in your closet during Fall/Winter as plus size woman, It’s a great pair of heavy leggings. Read More »