5 Zumba Channels to check out on Youtube

best Zumba Channels on Youtube- Assa Cisse-plus size workout
 My favorite class to take at the gym is Zumba. Even though my dance moves are not as coordinated anymore, Zumba always cheers me up. There is nothing better than being in a full class ready to unwind and just dance. Zumba features and represents almost all genres of music (reggaeton, pop, salsa, samba, hip-hop, dancehall, merengue, reggaeton).

There is something for everyone no matter your age or size. I rarely miss my classes, but the days I do there are a few Zumba youtube channels I like to visit to get my dance fix at home. Obviously, there are hundred of Zumba channels. However, these are the ones I’ve tried and loved. I am sure you’ll like one or two channels among the ones listed below. In case you don’t, you can create your playlist on youtube featuring all your favorite dance songs and routines. Are you a Zumba fan?


Best Zumba Channels on Youtube

Edward Sanchez

Ricardo Rodrigues

Marlon Alves


Claudio Lopez Utreras

Sid Vicious



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