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The Nordik Spa-Nature- Toronto lifestyle blogger
I am the girl who always whines about Winter, always! I am sure I do not have to convince you because it’s all over
my Instagram and my blog. One of my resolutions last year was to explore Canada  and one of this year’s was to embrace Winter. I have to come to terms with the fact that I live in a very cold country and I have to make the most out of winter. We are not escaping to an island this winter because of the low loonie. Instead we are finding fun
places within Canada to escape to.

During a recent trip to Gatineau, Quebec, I had the opportunity to spend a full day at the Nordik Spa-Nature. I’ve been to countless of spas before, but nothing like this one. My excitement is still rampant as I’m writing about it. I
took one of my absolute best friends with me  because she is a  spa junkie and I knew after seeing pictures of this place she would love to visit.
We started our day by checking-in at the front desk. We were each given an electronic bracelet. You can use the bracelet to open your locker in the change room, pre-fill it with money in case you need to purchase food, water, or extra treatments. The spa provides all of its guests with unlimited towels.You are also able to rent a bathrobe in case you did not bring your own. We then went on to do a little tour of the place. Because we were both
first timers, we wanted to know what we were working with. Most people that come here have been here before, so if it’s your first time, do not be afraid to ask  for a little help, or better yet, you can read this page made for first timers. You’ll find all the information you need, from what to bring for your day, to spa etiquette and even a virtual tour.
I was impressed with how big and calm this place was. They have seven baths (hot, cold and temperate),  eight saunas, an infinity pool, plenty of outdoor and indoor relaxation areas as well as a restaurant, a lounge and a cafe. There are also water fountains everywhere on site. It’s recommended that you bring your own water bottle. The indoor relaxation areas have headsets with relaxing music, heated seats, water fountains and hot tea to keep you warm.
Here is what the Nordik recommends for your Thermal Experience
  • Start by warming up in a sauna or steam room for about 15 minutes,
  • Then take a dip  into freezing water
  • Go relax
Repeating this cycle at least three times will eliminate toxins from your body and bring you into deep relaxation.
indoor spaces have heated seats, headsets pumping relaxing music,
magazines to puruse, showers to rinse off in and water fountains to help
keep you hydrated. – See more at:
indoor spaces have heated seats, headsets pumping relaxing music,
magazines to puruse, showers to rinse off in and water fountains to help
keep you hydrated. – See more at:


The spa is divided into 3 different areas. The Borëa, where you can
whisper, the Kaskad, where complete silence is required (for
meditation), and Panorama, for people like us who love to talk a lot.
It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings and keep things quiet, after all you are there to relax!
Photo via Nordik Spa Nature
If you love the heat, I recommend you try the Aufguss heat therapy. The Aufguss is part a spa treatment, part a performance. After putting “One love” from Bob Marley, our Aufguss master started putting some scented snowballs on to heated stones and used a towel to ventilate the room. The higher your seat in the room, the hotter you got. I was all the way at the top and things got so intense, I had to step out. I still think it’s worth a try. This therapy is only offered a few times a day. If you are interested, make sure to be around the area when the gong goes off. The room only holds 40 people and gets filled pretty fast.
After our first set of hot-cold-rest, we decided to get some food and chit-chat a bit. As previously mentioned, you have a choice between the restaurant, the lounge or the café. The restaurant offers delicious healthy meals with an amazing service. The best part of it all is that you can enjoy all these places while still in your bathrobe. Do not leave without trying the bruschetta. My mouth is watering again, just writing about it!

Photo via Nordik Spa Nature
In the mid-afternoon, we finally headed for our Källa treatment. It’s located deep into the rock underground. According to the Nordik, the Källa is one of only two salt-water floating pools in the world. Floating pillows are available for your convenience. It took me just a few minutes to go in deep relaxation and let go. I could have spent my entire time in there. I am pretty sure I passed out for a good hour. I mean who knew a big girl could float like that? All jokes aside the Källa treatment was a unique and relaxing experience. It was truly one of the highlights of the day.

There are plenty of saunas on site, some are scented, others are dry. I am not a big fan of saunas per say, which was not a problem because the available steam rooms were a perfect substitute. The Eucalyptus and the orange steam rooms do the same job, but different scents.  My friend and I both went in several times. Get ready to sweat within minutes!

The Nordik Spa-Nature also offers many types of massages, unfortunately everything was booked. We could’ve definitely used a Swedish massage. If you are planning a trip there, it’s recommended to book your massage at least 3 weeks in advance.

 Nordik Spa-Nature Gatineau- Canadian lifestyle blogs


 Nordik Spa-Nature -Canadian lifestyle blog
When you are looking for a day of immense relaxation, the Nordik Spa-Nature is really
the place to go. From the time we entered this place, we both felt like
we were in another world. As a mother, I hardly get a minute for myself.
From driving the kids to their
activities, working, running errands and cooking dinners, I don’t know
where time goes. My friend and I enjoyed every minute of our stay there
and we are looking forward to going back very soon. This Spa is not only perfect individuals or couples,  but also for a group of people (corporate events, weddings etc). They have a lodge you can stay at for
the weekend. Today, I challenge you to take a moment away from your busy
life and enjoy a relaxation at the Nordik Spa-Nature.

Note: We were guests of the Nordik Spa-Nature. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely 100% mine and are not a reflection the compensation received. This post was not reviewed nor edited by the Nordik Spa-Nature.
indoor spaces have heated seats, headsets pumping relaxing music,
magazines to puruse, showers to rinse off in and water fountains to help
keep you hydrated. – See more at:



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