Beat Bugs Now Streaming On Netflix + a Giveaway !

Beat Bugs

At home we love music, and have something playing in the background most of the time.

We like to reminisce about our younger days, you know those past perfect memories that always have a song associated to them and the song seemed to be just right for the moment, so much so that every time you hear the specific tune again, you can’t help but relieve the moment, think about your friends, before you know it a smile creeps up on your face and you’re singing…

Beat Bugs, a new Netflix original series Show for kids where each episode tries to recreate this magic, I must say it does so very nicely.

  • A group of friends, check
  • A situation where they are about to do something silly, check
  • The stubborn buddy that always jumps in while everyone is wondering if it’s a good idea, check
  • The Beatles, check

Before you know it you’ve got Jay launched from a catapult, flying through the grass and landing in a bottle –  as he realizes his situation, cue “help” from the Beatlesm – the song plays as they find the right person to help to get Jay out of a sticky situation.It’s cleverly put together, the songs come perfectly timed to support the stories and put a smile on your face… before you know it you’re singing with your kids and sharing a precious moment.

I won’t spoil the rest for you, if you have Netflix ,enjoy having a good and  the Beatles, you and your kids will love Beat Bugs!

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Watch the show, share a video with your family jamming to the theme song – “all you need is love”  just like the video above  and  you’ll get a chance to win three months worth of free Netflix streaming.

You can share your video links in the form or comment section with #BeatBugs – please submit by Aug 31!

This is open to Canadian residents 18 years and older only !

As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam i will be sharing regular posts relating to Netflix . All thoughts are 100% my own.



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