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20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers From Students


The countdown is officially on. We are only four days away from Christmas. I am 90% percent done with my shopping, and I intend to finish everything by the end of tomorrow. Today, I went out of my way to survey some of you on my Instagram to share some gift ideas for your children’s teachers. The goal of the post was to help me figure out what to give my kids’ teachers this year. The response has been massive and somewhat surprising. There were  plenty of ideas I had never thought of before. I was also surprised with the fact that many of my followers were teachers themselves.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for teachers. I could not do half of the things they do for our children. Both my kids are fortunate to have patient and amazing teachers this year. Over the year’s I have gifted mugs, cards, and chocolate. I thought it would be fun to change things around this year.

 Gifting teachers could be somewhat challenging as you may not know what they like. One person suggested checking with the school, as most teachers have their favorite things listed. Also, always remember that there is a limit to how much you can gift. We don’t want to be accused of bribing now, do we?

Ideas I asked, and ideas I received.

Here are some of the most popular  gift ideas for teachers.

  1. Gift Cards: This is was the number one suggestion from both the teachers and parents. Just like you teachers drive ( gas card), love coffee ( Tim Hortons, Starbucks cards), do groceries ( local grocery shop card), love manicure and pedicure ( card to your fave place).The list goes on…
  2. Candles: You can never have enough candles. These could be easily re-gifted in case the teachers do not like the scent.
  3. Hand lotion
  4. School supplies
  5. Coffee mugs: A lot of teachers said that they had more than enough mugs. This is a NO for me this year. You can find my some options here
  6.  Soap and essential oils: I probably won’t do this only because I don’t know our teachers that deep to know what kind of oil they’ll like.
  7. Written letters
  8. Crossword Puzzles
  9. Wine: This was the second favourite after gift cards. I had no idea I could gift booze to our kids teachers (lol !)
  10. Calendars
  11. Flowers
  12. Baked goods: I am not an amazing baker, even if I was I would probably stay away from offering an unpackaged food.
  13. Scented diffuser
  14. Movie passes
  15. Chanel Mascara ( yep !  this was a suggestion)
  16. Office planner. I love the Kate Spade planners
  17. Spa treatment
  18. Christmas decor
  19. Lottery tickets
  20. Chocolate: Apparently all the teachers are tired of chocolate.

What do you give  your children’s teacher every year. Anything you want to add to the list ?

20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers From Students

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