July Netflix Faves

 Summer is a busy time for us.We have a lot of outdoor adventures planned. The kids are always going from one activity to the other which means they have less time in front of the TV. We still managed to squeeze in a few movie nights this month. Sometimes while they are busy with their legos, I sneak around to catch up on some of my current faves. Here is a list of movies and shows we are loving.

The Keepers

I enjoyed the Keepers. It’s a documentary about a murder of a nun and sexual assault of several others by a Catholic priest. This is a documentary that will leave you scratching your head and question everything. How, and why did they let such atrocities happen in all places a church.

Queen of the South

Queen of the South is another show I enjoyed this month. A story about a woman who’s boyfriend is unexpectedly murdered in Mexico. Now she has to run away from the cartel to save her life. The show is very intense and will keep your heart rate up from beginning to end.

With the new hits in the queue, one thing that Netflix doesn’t get enough credit for is the catalog of old movies. Here are a few my husband has been loving, Schindler’s List, The Godfather trilogy and Snatch (not so old but a classic nonetheless!).

Last, let’s not forget the kid’s section. These days they are spending time on Pokemon XY, XYZ, Beyblade, Skylanders, Teen Titans and Tom and Jerry. The list goes on but Summer sure isn’t boring on the flix side!

 I am part of the Netflix Canada Stream Team. All opinions are my own.



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