Netflix & Chill With The New Download Feature

Netflix & Chill With The New Download FeatureWho watched the Oscars Sunday night? It was one of the best Oscar shows I’ve watched in a while. Everything went smoothly until the last few minutes off course. I felt so bad for the winners who ended up losing, but happy that Moonlight took it home. The star of the night was Mahershala Ali. I’ve seen him in so many shows on Netflix including, House of Cards, Luke Cage, and Suit to name a few. He is an incredible actor.

I am planning on binge watching a few of his movies this weekend. Oh ! while we’re on the film topic have you used the offline download feature that was added to Netflix a few months ago? I haven’t, but my husband has. He recently had a long 30+ hours trip (one way) to take. Since he was not going to have a lot of access to the internet upon arrival, he ensured that he was armed to catch up on his media backlog. Here is what he said about the feature.

 ” Usually, I would get some books, have some encoded movies with me, do some work. This time around, armed with the iPad air from the Stream team 2017 package, I was determined to not suffer the lackluster screens and user interface in the plane (although the content isn’t bad sometimes). About a year ago, I started watching Star Trek the series. There are about 5 shows available on Netflix (the Original, the next generation, the animated series, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise).I was about to start the last season of the next Generation right before my trip. I downloaded the whole seventh season which has some 26 episodes for offline viewing.

Along with that, I added 11 more movies. As I was doing all this, I came to understand a few things about the offline downloads which I’m going to share:

  • Not every show on Netflix is available for offline viewing. Netflix has a category that identifies shows that can be downloaded and viewed offline.
  • There is a limit to how much content you can download for some shows/studios.
  • Downloads will expire at some point, not sure if this also depends on what you are downloading. There seems to be a limit of around a month tops for the ones that you haven’t touched yet but once you start watching something and stop halfway, it seems that sometimes expires a few days after you start it up.
  • Last but not least the feature allows me to download and do a little Netflix cheating on my wife.

Aside from the above, it doesn’t seem like there’s a limit to how much you can download.  As long as your device has the necessary space. All things considered, this is a wonderful new feature that has proven very handy for me. I am also sure that this will come very handy during our road trips with the kids”

If you have had a chance to try this feature before, what did you like/dislike about it?



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