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How To Save Money While Grocery Shopping



How to save money while grocery shopping -Freshco saving tips

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This mama loves finding quality items at great prices. Don’t we all? From clothes to food I am always happy to save whenever I can. Grocery shopping is a big part of our weekly activities. Most times, I find myself picking a few things here and there but Sunday is usually the day we complete our weekly shopping. The kids are welcome to tag along as long as they don’t bring the whole store back with us. We can all agree that living in a big city can be expensive. For that reason we must save anywhere we can. As our family grew, I started to find not only ways to save on groceries, but also finding places that offer competitive prices.

So are you ready to find out how I save money while grocery shopping? Here are a few tips

Planning with weekly menus and coupons.

I like to start each week with a menu. With each menu comes a list of items to buy. There are a few dishes that are regulars in our household that always make it to the menu such as sandwiches for school, fried rice, spaghetti, and meatballs. These are all meals that are easy to make and cheaper for my wallet. The rule is to have at least one or two new items on this list for each week so we can try something new as often as possible. With menus, making a list of items to buy becomes so much easier. Once the list is complete, that’s when we hunt for coupons. The local newspaper is a great place to start. Armed with a list for the week, coupons we head to a store that offers competitive prices and can beat all prices from other competitors. This method helps us to cut down our shopping time and cost by half.

Price matching or nothing

Remember where when I mentioned that shopping at a store that offers quality items at competitive prices could save you a whole lot of money while grocery shopping? Let me introduce you to FreshCo. I discovered this wonderful place while browsing our local newspaper a few years ago when we moved into our current neighborhood. I must admit that I really dismissed it at first thinking it was just another expensive grocery store trying to get me in by only featuring the lowest items on their flyer. Surprisingly that was not the case. While there are multiple stores we shop at, FreshCo is one of our favorites for many reasons:

  • First, their prices are quite fair and most times better than other places.
  • Second, they will beat the price of discount competitors with their price match policy
  • Third, the quality of the products is as good as any other grocery store.

In my books, it gets hardly better than that. As much as I love a great deal, quality is paramount to me. On most days, it’s a challenge to find items that balance frugal lifestyle and great quality. FreshCo has been a great example of such balance for this family; it is an unavoidable stop for our grocery trips!

Click here to find a store near you, and thank me later. How do you save while grocery shopping? Any tips you want to share?



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