Starting A Conversation With Your kids

I love when these two can get along and watch a show from beginning to end without any fight. It’s called the power of the Ipad and Netflix. Everything has changed from when we were young. Every kid now has one of these little devices on hand to keep them busy. As much as we try to reduce their online intake this is how things are headed now. They spend as much time with these little characters on their Ipad as they would with their friends. For that reason, it’s so important that we suggest shows with positive characters to help reinforce good values. I am sure you are aware that most time kids want to watch everything except what matches their proper age rating.

From the multitude of places you could get your content from, there are a few reasons why you would pick one content provider over another.

  •  The first one is the ability of each piece of content to be age rated.
  • The second is the ability to restrict what content to watch.

I love this parent cheat sheet from Netflix. It gave us ideas on the kind of shows we want our kids to watch. I’ve been guilty in the past of just letting them watch their shows while I move on to other things. I am sure that is the idea, however, it’s important to create conversations about their favorite characters.

Talking about Characters, I am sure you’ve heard or maybe even watched the Netflix original show“13 Reasons Why”. I haven’t yet, but I can’t wait to. The trailer got me on the edge of my seat. Though my kids are far from their teen years, I am sure I will pick up a few cues to help me start those hard conversations.

What are you currently watching?






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