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Netflix canada stream team

A few years ago, my husband decided to get rid of cable. He noticed that we were barely watching TV and thought that those extra dollars could go into something else. To be honest I was not happy at first, because anyone who knows me  knows how much I love watching TV. I bet my mum would have plenty of stories to tell you about. Let’s just say this woman is not a big fan of sudden change. I am glad for once I did not resist because it was one of the best decisions at the time for our family.

We wanted to make sure the kids grew up watching content that’s appropriate and more importantly, we wanted them to make the conscious decision to watch\consume media every time they did as opposed to just being in front of the TV by default.

Netflix canada stream team package

 … A few months after getting rid of the cable we jumped on the Netflix bandwagon, the kids quickly got used to it, so did  we – we’ve of course consumed quite a decent amount of the Netflix catalog since then and so when we were given the opportunity to be part of the stream team, Netflix didn’t have to ask twice. What is better than to have access to all the new cool shows before everyone ? I need some bragging right up in here. The package was en route and before we knew it, the whole family was there opening the package and getting ready to spend some quality time!


With small kids, the parental control and the no commercial content work wonders.We’ve had basic cable back in the house now for a couple of months ( for watching the news) and the kids wouldn’t have it – they would rather consume Netflix  because who has time for endless commercials right ? Another thing I love about Netflix aside from the affordable monthly fee,  is that you can watch it anywhere with an internet connection and on most devices with a screen bigger than a few inches . Nothing beats doing the dishes, laundry or  your makeup while catching up on your favorite  Netflix shows on the tablet.




In the next few months, we’ll be regularly sharing about some of the content we’re into, hopefully it’ll help curate your experience a bit and help you get straight to the good stuff – whether that’s the latest Star wars movie, the yearly run of our favorite documentaries, fun shows or the kids favorite cartoons and shows, there is content for every mood!

looking forward to all the original content being added to the catalog.  Hey ! don’t let me do all the talking, What are your favorite Netflix shows right now?  Any recommendations ?

 Happy streaming!




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