Tips And Tricks to help you manage your Netflix experience.

Tips And Tricks to help you manage your Netflix experience.

Hello flixmates!

For the month of March, we continue watching  Star Trek Deep Space 9 and enjoying the offline downloads. I thought I would share a few tips and tricks that can help you manage your Netflix experience.

Our first tip is specific to the iPad. If you have a recent version of the iPad, you’ll notice that you now have the ability to have videos floating in the foreground allowing you to multitask and do other things while the video is playing.Netflix takes advantage of this new feature however one thing I found out was that this only work when you are streaming. If you have downloaded content to watch offline, the video will only play in full screen and will not play in Overlay mode.

Our second tip is about Netflix expirations. While Netflix is great at notifying you of new additions, finding the ones that are about to expire take a bit more work.If you’re wondering why I now care about expirations, it’s simple, my kids threw a full day tantrum when they woke up one morning and fired up their Netflix only to find that some of their favorite Pokémon shows were gone. They wanted their show back. I had to take them online and show them that things actually do expire on Netflix, if you find yourself in the same situation, the Netflix official FAQ page is a great place to start:

With that in mind, the official place to find the expiry date is the details page of the content you’re watching. Not all Netflix streaming devices show this information though. For instance, it will show in the iPad app and the Roku app for instance but I could not find it when using a browser or the android app. As of this writing, there is no official single place to find this information for all shows. I also believe this information only starts showing for things that are close to their expiry date (Seems to go as far as 30 days).

While there are no official places, you do have unofficial blogs where people have spent considerable time aggregating this information. They are easy enough to find on Google if you search for Netflix expirations.



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