What should you charge for a sponsored post ?

 Happy Sunday ! It’s been a while since I’ve written a better blogging post. Even though I left my computer home while I was on vacation, I sure brought my Ipad with me. You never know when a good post idea might pop out of your head  while laying in the beautiful white sand (still dreaming).

Writing about sponsored posts or any kind of blogging compensation is like talking about the big elephant in the room. Everyone wants to keep everything on the hush hush. Honestly, asking someone about how much they made on a certain project is like asking them about their salary at work. That’s a big NO NO. However, I do believe in helping others get to where they need to be once they get their very first sponsored post proposal.
Today, I wish to share with you a few things I consider while setting up my rates. When I first started doing sponsored posts, I used to charge all brands the same rate. I quickly learned that, that was not such a good idea because different brands ask for different things. We will get to that in a minute. I did some research and found a few rate formulas online, tried them, but they did not work either. I really need to give credit to my blogging godmother, the editor of Kisforkinky. I used to write for her blog and she taught me a lot about how to handle and work with brands. Everything I am about to share below is based on my personal experience.  Here are some of the things that were useful for me in past sponsored posts.

What should you charge for a sponsored post ?
1. Is the brand a good fit for my blog ?
Regardless of the company or what it stands for, everyone gets excited when they get their very first sponsored post offer. It’s nice to get paid for your work, but be very careful of the type of sponsored posts you agree to do. A few months after you start blogging, you start getting millions of emails per day for topics unrelated to your blog. Sometimes I wonder if they do any research before they send out these emails. If I get an email to do a book review for example, you guys already know I don’t  do those on my blog. If I happen to do one all of a sudden and it’s a sponsored post, then you know something is not right. Your readers can see right through those things and you might end up losing quite a few. We all love to make a few coins, but make sure to do it with companies you will work with even if you are not getting paid.
2. What kind of content is the brand looking for.
As mentioned above, different brands are looking for different things. When a brand approaches you about doing a sponsored post, they will usually give you a few details about their interests. I always send an email back with a few questions just to ensure that I know what they really want and based on that I will send them a rate. Obviously it needs to be a brand that I like or at least one I would be willing try. Most of the time, they already have a budget for the project and know how much they are planning on paying you. I noticed that a lot PR companies love to ask you first just in case your rate is lower. Although, I don’t see anything wrong with that because they are trying to make money too, I personally love to work with the brands directly. A brand asks you a few of the following things,
  • A blog post, ( 1 or series) social media coverage
  • A photoshoot with their clothes ( If you are a style blogger)
  • Attend an event ( which might require you to travel to another city)
  • Simply ask you to be a brand ambassadors (which might possibly include all the above)
  • A Giveaway
  • A review
Whether I am  required to do one of the above or all,  I always make sure to send out a final draft or contract with what is required of me before starting the job.
3. How much time will it take me to deliver the work?
Contrary to what a lot of people think, personal style blogging is not just about getting pretty and standing in front of the Camera. How long will it take to complete a photo shoot in the cold (insert -30), edit your pictures, upload the pictures, pay your photographer (if you have one ) write the post and schedule your social media posts? Yeah, a lot of time! One can argue, ” Well, you do that every day anyway” I do, but on my own time. When a brand wants to work with you, clearly they know you have something to offer. I also know that they aren’t after me, but after my readers which leads me to my next point.
4. What is my reach? 
Reach is very important. Reach is  traffic, influence,  social media following and most importantly, readers. Sponsored posts tend to get the least engagements in my opinion because people are always a little reserved.They may feel like you are only saying the things you are saying because you are getting paid. It’s true that bloggers that have bigger audiences get a whole lot more work but don’t let that fool you. A blogger with a smaller audience can get work too (I am living proof!).There is no reason to envy them because after all they worked really hard to get there. If you work hard on your content, you might get there one day as well. You can be a blogger with a smaller audience, but with a very engaged audience – an audience that you influence and that trust your words. It’s important to keep track of the engagement and the clicks you get on your sponsored posts, because those numbers will help you sell yourself to future brands. My blogging platform is blogger, and I am able to see how many times a post has been viewed. In my opinion one of the best ways to track your blogpost engagement is to use Webeak. If you want to track your links, it’s better to go with one of the link shortening sites like bitly.
An easy way to also set up your rate is to have a rate card. Like how much would you charge per hour for a photo shoot, or a blog post or for tweet etc …. I did not mean for this post to be so long, I hope you’ve learned something. I also want you guys to share your opinions on this topic in the comments section. Teach us something because we all want to make it. If there is one advice I can give you, it is to always try to have a contract. Now that I think of it, I should have added that on my 6 things I wish I knew before I started blogging  post. Contracts are very important because they will protect you from liabilities, law suits and are professional. Don’t panic, a contract could be a simple email highlighting what is expected from you and getting an email back with ” I Agree”. When you are doing a big campaign for a brand which includes several posts, travel, photo shoots and more… I would suggest going with a real contract with signatures from both parties. Everything can be made digitally. Many companies I have worked with use It’s the fastest way to sign your document online, unless you like to do it the old fashioned way (print-sign-scan). Sponsored posts are just a little part of your blog earnings, because you do not do them often. Even though I have a lot more to say , I think I will leave it here for today because my little fingers can no longer type. Remember to never rush to anything and do your research – your blog, your voice!



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  • Erene Zvomuya
    March 9, 2015 at 7:45 am

    Wooow La Belle! you have schooled me. Iv had to read this word for word again and again. I always wondered how bloggers do the sponsored posts and i surely have a clear view now. As i always tell you, i like how real you are. Thank you for schooling me. I am grateful for that.

  • Joi Smith
    March 19, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    Awesome tips, thank you very much for being so candid!!

  • Uhura Johnson
    March 24, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    Excellent information. Thank you

  • My Kurves
    March 31, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    Great tips and I shared it on my links. Thanks!

  • Robin Hardeman
    April 6, 2015 at 11:28 am

    I found a link to your blog on My Kurves, great article. Thanks for giving us the "inside" scoop!

  • Annika R.
    April 9, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    Thank you so much for this! I am sharing! Very helpful and knowledgeable advice.

  • Sarah Taylor
    October 29, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    Thanks so much for always being so open and so helpful! This is a great post xo