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Let’s Talk Plus Size Workout Clothes & Activewear

plus size womens workout clothes- plus size activewear-

I took the photos for this post back in November, but with all the holiday season posts, this one sort of took the back seat. I rarely talk about fitness on this blog.The main reason is that the plus size community can be sensitive when it comes to plus size bloggers talking about their workout routines. Let’s be real; fat girls work out too! Blogging about body positivity does not mean we do not hit the gym.

Whether you’re thin or fat, a lot of people think that the gym is a punishment and………. they might be right. It is a punishment for the yummy cake you’ve eaten the day before. Alright, all jokes aside, I am not a big fan of the gym either but I know it’s something I have to do to feel good and release some of that extra energy. Exercising is not just for losing weight at least not for me. My body feels amazing after a good workout. I try to workout at least four times a week.

Some of my Snapchat followers had questions about my workout routine ( because they get to see me at the gym from time to time). I’ll write about that in another post; for now, I want to talk about workout clothes and activewear for plus size women. Below, you’ll find info about where to buy them and which ones to buy. As far as buying is concerned, almost all the major plus size brands have activewear lines. Forever 21 is actually one of the latest to add one to their line. Aside from them, here are

Ten stores that carry super cute plus-size workout clothes:

There is nothing worse than adjusting your workout pants (leggings) a million times when you’re jumping and running. A good plus size activewear should be both functional and comfortable. I personally love an activewear that is breathable, fun and that can be worn beyond the gym.Your bottoms don’t have to be boring. If you love fun patterned leggings for working out Lane Bryant has some fun options. This Blue Peacock Leggings by lineagewear is also a favorite among yoga lovers.

Plus Size Workout Clothes and active wear- Good work out clothes for plus size women

Plus size workout leggings

1. I haven’t tried these Slim Fit Reversible Leggings, but they seem to be a customer favorite with a 4.5 stars out of 5. They’re good for workout and everyday use.
2. I own 2 of these High-Rise Compression Plus-Size Cropped Pants from Old Navy.They are  are amazing and affordable too. Old Navy’s fit can be inconsistent at times, but these pants never failed me.
3. How cute is this Compression Active Legging set? The bottom goes up to size  US24 and it’s currently on sale.

Best plus size workout bras

Now let’s talk about Sports bras. They are an essential part of my workout wardrobe, but just like strapless bras, it’s hard to find a great one. It took me while to understand that not all sports bras are created equal. What I mean by that is that you can’t use one bra for everything. I own quite a few, and they are all used for a different purpose. I use some for running and my aerobics classes. I use some for low impact sports such as yoga, or cycling.

Those who are part of the big breasts club, you know the pain you feel when you’re jumping. A bra that offers a great support is a must. After doing a bit of research online, this Maximum Control Wire Free Sports bra by Enell seems to have a lot of great reviews. According to some, you can jump to the moon, but your girls won’t go anywhere.They have a huge compression, and the straps are sturdy.
Another bra that has a lot of people talking is this Underwire Sports Bra by Panache. Its features include
  1. Padded straps, underwire and closure for increased comfort.
  2. Wide, supportive band anchors bra to the body.
  3. Breathable center mesh insert.
This one is definitely an investment piece and you might need bra extenders.
Always remember to have your correct measurement before you invest in any kind of bra.You can get yourself fitted at no cost in most lingerie and/or department stores. This task can also be done at home by following these simple instructions.

Plus Size Workout Clothes- where to buy plus size workout clothes

Where do you guys buy your activewear? Any good experience with a line you’ll like to share?

Here are some plus size workout Clothes. Click to shop.



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  • Anonymous
    January 7, 2016 at 5:19 am

    Great!…You're always so stylish…so charming…so Chic and elegant even wearing a gym outfit…cheers!

  • Neema
    January 9, 2016 at 12:35 am

    I really like fabletics! They make rnice things and the price is just right and they also carry a plus size selection. Cheers to staying healthy !!

  • Unknown
    January 10, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    I love my Enell bra. The girls do not go anywhere. It is nothing like any other sports bra I have tried. Just because we are big girls doesn't mean we are not healthy! Here's to a happy healthy year for all of us!

  • Stephanie Stewart
    March 5, 2016 at 2:14 am

    You should also check out Rainbeau Curves. They have great plus size workout clothes and affordable too