10 Plus Size Long Sweaters To Wear With Leggings


I hope everybody is had a great week. I have no complaint so far because the weather has been more than beautiful the last few days. Still cannot believe we are in November. Last week, I wrote a post about leggings. Let me rewind; it was actually about plus size long tops to wear with leggings. I broke down the post in different sections and noticed that many of you were more interested in the plus size long sweaters section. That is totally understandable, after all winter is coming. I feel like I see plus size long sweaters everyday while I am doing research for other posts, but for some reason, I had a hard time finding cute ones today.  No worries, I went to digging mode and came up with a few that I loved. A few of them were included in my previous post, but most of them are new items. Hopefully, you’ll find something from the list below.

Before we move on to the options, I wanted to address an email I received about plus size leggings a few weeks ago.


Dear Assa,

I love wearing leggings especially during the colder months. My only problem is that I can’t find any that  don’t roll down over my middle.Do you have any suggestions ?


The reason why your leggings roll down could be two things;

The fabric is too cheap; therefore it does not take you in properly


You are must likely wearing the wrong size. When it’s too big or too small, it will slide down.

The thicker the fabric, the better control, and durability. I have a soft spot of these Sejour plus size leggings. Even though they are not very thick, they are super comfortable and do the job. I should mention that they are pretty long in case you’re petite. By the way, if you’re looking for some good plus size quality leggings, you can check out my Fall Essentials post for more options.

Ok, almost forgot that is post is about sweaters to wear over leggings.

10 plus size long sweaters to wear with your leggings.


Ponchos always look great on leggings. This tribal print poncho paired with a long sleeves tee would be perfect for a day in town. In case you’re not into prints, this neutral version might just do the trick.

This Chevron Fit & Flare is a sweater dress, but you can also pair it with leggings.



This wine Side Slit Sweater would look perfect on your leggings. It also comes in black and goes up to 3x.




This beautiful V-neck Tunic Sweater looks so cozy and has the right amount of length to cover your backside. It comes in 3 colors grey, burgundy and light pink.

Plus size sleeveless sweaters also look great over leggings.  You can always add a long sleeve tee or shirt under it, like the picture above. Buy it in toffee, vivid auburn, and black.






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