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Traveling in Comfort and Style: What to wear to the airport

What to wear to the airport from cold to warm ( plus size)As you probably already know I am currently on a trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with my sister. I will tell you more about our vacation later, in the meantime see all my photos on Instagram. I love travelling the world and discovering new places and cultures. I remember when I was younger, I used to dress up for the plane ride. When I said dress up, I mean nice dress, heels and everything like I was a celebrity. I hope you caught the sarcasm, because no one can dress like those celebrities with high knee boots and heels coming from the airport like they’re shooting a movie. I can’t say I do not envy them , but that is just not real life.

I guess to be fair to myself, travel was more of a luxury back then. As you can see in the pictures below and above, things have changed much since then. My best travel outfit formula these days equals simple + casual + comfort, in other words, finding the perfect balance between comfort and stylish. This is not to say that I do not appreciate a beautiful woman or handsome man dressed to impress at the airport. This is the outfit I wore to my almost 24 hours trip to Dubai.


 what to wear to the airport , how to look chic at the airport.

The next time you’re jet setting, here are 5 things to keep in mind while putting your airport outfit together.

Go for a comfy pair of flats, slip-ons, sneakers and warm socks

 When I think about long lines, security checks, pushing carry-ons, dealing with customs or running after my kids, the last thing on my mind is a pair of heels while i am at the airport. Most international airports are like small cities. Walking from one end to the other is no easy task. Flats, sneakers and slip-ons are easy to remove at the airport security and will make your walk feel like a breeze. If you’re like me and like taking your shoes off in-flight, these are the best socks for travel. They keep your feet warm in the plane especially during long hauls.  Please don’t be caught going around bare feet in the airport or plane. Think about the amount of shoes that pass by that place every day. Here are some great shoe options for travelling
Comfortable traveling shoes
For top left to bottom right: One | Two | Three | Four 


 keep your tops classic and oversized

When traveling, I always keep the destination city’s weather and culture in mind. Button shirts are easy to remove or layer. For instance, it was cold when I left Toronto and very hot when I arrived to Dubai.  This oversized light denim shirt kept me comfy the whole time. It was also easy to remove upon my arrival to Dubai.
One | Two | Three |

Extra Layer is a must:

I like the idea of keeping a long sleeve cardigan or denim jacket in my carry-on along with a change of shirt in case of a spill. It can get quite cold in the plane at times.


Leggings are your best friends while travelling:

I get it, not everyone like to wear leggings. I think they are ok as long as you cover your bum. Your shirt should always cover your bum, because leggings are not pants. Find a bunch of options here


Get yourself a good travel bag:

I personally love my Longchamp Pliage tote. It’s one of the best travel bags in the market. It’s simple and very solid. I’ve owned mine for years now and it’s still going strong. You can pretty much throw everything in there. I carry a lot of things around and this bag has never failed me. You can choose between 11 colors.
Best travel bags

One| Two | Three | Four |

I hope you enjoyed this post. I am actually getting ready to go on a desert safari tour in a few minutes. If you enjoyed this ” What to wear to the airport post” make sure to leave me a comment below.



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