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Weekend Reads

weekend readsHappy Sunday loves ! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Anyone watching for the Superbowl tonight? I don’t like football. No erase that, I do not understand football. That’s why  I only tune in for the half time show (don’t we all ?). I cannot wait for Gaga to rock the stage tonight and bring messages of hope, peace and unity.Lots to share with you this week so let’s get into it !

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Weekend Reads and Sale Round Up

pumpkin-mycurvesandcurls Weekend ReadsI was looking through my blog today, and I realized that I hadn’t posted a favourite posts ( now Weekend Reads) for ages. To be honest with you, I’ve not had time to do a lot of reading the last few months. A lot of work to do and life also happened. I’ve decided at the end of last month to dedicate at least a few hours every Sunday to reading other blogs. Social media has taken away the Joy of sitting down with a cup of coffee to read your favorite blogs. Without further ado here are a few of the posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week. Read More »


Favorite posts January 2015

My curves and curls - Favorite posts January 2015
Can you believe we are in February? Time is really flying, I bet we will be in June in no time. Here are a few posts I enjoyed reading last month.
50 perfect plus size dresses for valentine’s day
I really love this post about growing your blog VS. Gaining a following.
10 posts you should read about blogging.
These pictures will make you wish for snow
You know I am a sucker for leopard , Kellie looks stunning here 
You have to ask for what you want. Target launches a new plus size line thanks to Chastity !
13 useful Iphone tips for travellers
52 places to visit in 2015. Let’s just say I want to go to all these places.
This closet clean-out method is going to change your life
What to wear in a cold office
Eloquii is offering 40% off the entire site. I just got this , this and this
How to develop your personal style
10 affordable getaways to take this winter
Totally obsessed with this woman’s style and hair 

Favorite posts October 2014

Happy Halloween everyone ! I missed my favorite  reads post last month, but I made sure not to miss it again this month. I know a lot of you enjoy these links, so here are a few posts I enjoyed this month.

Absolutely love these 10 beautifully styled bar carts 
The best way to respond to a fat joke made publicly about you
Updated this post for fall, 50 pairs of wide calf boots under $100
Not that I need another wrap dress but….. I love this 
Good news ! Eloquii is now available at and select stores 
Great plus size leather jackets for Fall
You can shop  everything I am currently loving here
Tax season is coming. Love this post: The truth about tax and blogging 
Domestic violence is not ok. Why I left
Our little trip to the pumpkin patch
Haha !! Where you do you fall ? 13 Types Of People You’ll Find On Instagram
I am one of the new brand ambassadors of Penningtons bold and edgy line MBLM woot ! woot !
Ha !  How was life like before smart-phones? 49 Brilliant uses for your  smart-phones’s Camera.
How to stay organized and work from home. I really need to follow these.

Favorite posts August 2014

I’ve read some amazing posts thismonth and I am sure your will enjoy them too.

Since I am so into decor these days, I loved 20 ways to decorate a rental without painting.

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”- Herman Melville. I really love the way this post touched on originality.

Why social media is robbing us from our experiences. This is a must read.

If you ever struggle with all the negativity online as a blogger , please read this

I need this white one piece swimsuit in my life, just waiting for the price to go down.

5 tips for shopping like a perfect 10 at any size

30 things to start doing for yourself.

I would totally take every single  flats from this selection especially these ones.

A guide to file formats  I pretty much knew about all of these, but it might help you.

What is your definition of success ? Emma shares her 5 secrets to success .

I ask myself this question every day. Why are brands not promoting their plus lines.

This was really funny, 22 People who should have definitely not taken the ice Bucket Challenge.

I am totally thinking about doing this somewhere in my house, maybe in the kitchen ???



I’ve read some amazing blog posts this past month, so it’s time to share with you some of my faves. Most of them are related to blogging. I hope you enjoy them.

I really love off shoulder dresses and tops. If you do as well, here is an easy DIY or you can buy some here.
Talking about off shoulders, I wore one here and another one here & here
Homemade Pina Colada ice cream anyone?


Always looking for the next thing to make my instagram pictures pop. Here is how to create bright and sharp Iphone photos.


I have to do this DIY
When my husband is not available, I take my own pictures. Find loads of tips on  How to take your own outfit pictures

Favourite reads of this month 6/30/2014

Happy Canada Everyone !! Today is a day off here in Canada. I woke up early  to enjoy a cup of tea and of course share with you some of my favorite reads for the month of June. I swear the month of June flew so fast but I am happy we’re in July because it’s my birthday’s month. Now I ready to hit the beach with the kiddos.

Be cool , and don’t burn bridges.
You seriously need to read this article.
Thanks to Lia for featuring me along with some fab ladies.
I’ve always wanted to try those Diptyque candles. I see them daily on instagram, but are they really worth it ?
How to wear a white linen pants.
I just wanted to get inside my computer, so I could try this yummy salad.
The only lip liner you’ll ever need. Maybe my next beauty product purchase since I am a big lipstick fan.
Are you guilty of any of these ? 16 Spelling Mistakes You Need to Stop Making—Now.
The world’s best beaches, can someone take me to any of these beaches please?
Kristine from Trendy Curvy looks absolutely gorgeous in this Jumpsuit.
Guess who was featured on buzzfeed as one of 7 Incredible Plus Size Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following ?
25 bloggers give you their take on how to decorate so you feel at home. 

Favourite reads of this month 5/31/2014

Happy sunday loves ! I am little late for this , but here are some of the articles and/or blog posts I enjoyed reading last month. If you have any interesting post to share please leave the link below so I can check it out.

From straight to curves Claudia nailed this Jessica Alba inspired look.
I am very excited about Target’s new designer collaboration, even though I had no idea who this designer was.
Ever since I wore this dress ,I have been in the lookout for something similar. I think I found one and they have my size. 
Cece wrote a very informative, yet funny post about Brazilian Waxing for Plus Size women.
This DIY mesh one shoulder top looks easy enough for me to try it soon.
Well, I left my 20s a couple of years ago, but I still remember being told some of these 28 Things No 20 Something Wants To Hear.
 In case you need a refresher check out Maya Angelou: Her life and accomplishments.

Favourite reads of this month 4/30/2014

Favourite reads


Here are some of my favorite blog posts/ articles this month
Thinking about being blogger ? there is still hope for you because blogging is a young industry
I gasp at least once a day about some things  I see on instagram, Here are some unwritten rules for ya !
The art of shopping: how to turn pro.
You wanted another remix post, I delivered 10 pieces 20 different ways.
5 tips for flawless food photography lighting, just because I love beautiful food pictures.
These are my kind of dates, 101 Completely Free Date Ideas.
I seriously need to do this asap before my computer starts screaming. How to Organize your computer files and photos.
I am always trying to improve my instagram pictures and love these Tips & Tricks: How to Take the Perfect Instagram picture.
3 ways to style your gingham top.
This article deserves more attention than Rihanna’s nude photos.

Favourite reads of this month 3/31/2014


I wanted to do this for a long time, better late than never. Here are some of my favorite blog posts/ articles of this month
Blogging: why disclosures are so important.
 This post was a really an eye opener. Someone on Facebook Stole A Photo of Me in a Bikini to Sell a Diet Program. It’s really important to think twice about what you want to post online. She should not fear but we live in a dangerous world.
Do what you love: What do you love?
My take on denim on denim.
In case you want to learn How to Take Better Blog Photos , this post is a great help.
Dating through your marriage was just the article I needed to spice up things around here (wink ! Wink !
I love Grown and curvy’s take on one of the spring trends: Pastels