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Things To Know before buying A Home Part 1

3 Things to consider before buying a home   Are you thinking about buying a home soon? In today’s post, I’ll share with you a few things to know and consider before taking the leap.We bought our current home almost four years ago.The whole process of buying a home was everything but fun. The part I enjoyed the most was checking other people way of life and house decors. Thankfully it was our second time, and we came in with a lot of knowledge. We avoided a lot of mistakes we did when we bought our first place. The process was incredibly long and even stressful at times, but it was all worth it when we walked in our home for the first time. There’s so much that goes into buying a home.  I would like to touch on a few things we considered before buying our first and second home. This list is valid for first-time buyers as well. Read More »


My office Tour


I am so excited to share my little home office space with you guys. Many of my Instagram and Facebook followers had questions about where I got some of the items from. I seriously cannot give you any decorating advice because I really suck at it, but one thing I can give are tips on how to achieve the same look with things you have and on the budget. You don’t need anything fancy. If you’ve been a reader of this blog you might probably remember how these shelves used to look like a few months ago. When I looked back, I kind of shrugged a little bit. I used this little spot for a long time to take some of my outfits pictures during our long winter months.

My office used to be in my dressing room, which you do not want to see right now because of the mess. I moved my table only because I really wanted a lot more light. I  wanted this little space to look as cute and simple as possible. Somewhere I can work and also relax. We already keep all of our ugly books in my husband office (yes , he got the real one). The other side of my office (not shown) is where I keep all of the kids books. I am in the process of putting that spot together. While I am working they can also do some reading. If you do not have any books, use magazine holders, or even magazines to fill up the shelves. I get almost all my magazines for thrift shops for .99 each. Most of the time, they are only one or two months old. I utilize the magazine holders to store all my junks to keep the space free of clutter. You can also add some fun and colourful binders, or add a few of your accessories that you do not use all the time. I am currently thinking of adding an inspiration board and I also got my eyes on a few prints from Stephanie Sterjovski and Anna with love. I can’t wait to share the final product with you. Read More »