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7 Plus Size Wedding Dresses Shopping Tips

7 Plus Size Wedding Dresses Shopping Tips
Photos (David’s Bridal)

Every plus sized woman knows it can sometimes be challenging to find beautiful, flattering clothes that are one of a kind— and that’s just during regular shopping. When it’s your wedding day, you want to look perfect and you may feel like finding the dress that makes you feel confident and sexy is an uphill battle. After all, if you flip through magazines and advertisements, it seems like the garments are designed with curve-less ladies in mind. Take comfort in knowing that more and more retailers are understanding that there is potential in the unfulfilled niche of womanly hips and softness.
Companies like David’s Bridal provide a wide variety of options, far more than curvy ladies in the past ever had. But even the most style-conscious among us sometimes need a little help finding perfection. So, here are some tips to getting the wedding dress (and overall look) that shows off your beauty and flaunts your figure in the best way possible.

7 Plus Size Wedding Dresses Shopping Tips

1.Keep Your Mind Open

Don’t immediately shut out styles you haven’t previously envisioned or think you won’t like, especially if you’re only just embarking on the dress quest. How many times have you thought something looked really good on a rack, only to find it lost its appeal the moment you tried it on? Wedding dresses are the same way, and sometimes ones that look unflattering in the showroom end up making you glow once you’re actually wearing them. Be open to suggestions and new possibilities, because you just never know which one will be the winner.

2.Think “Structure”

A structured bodice is your friend, and it looks great topping full and mermaid style skirts (styles that curvy brides can really own). When it fits right, as in, it isn’t pulled too tight so that you’re spilling out the top and it isn’t so loose that it moves around, it will smooth you out and accentuate all the right curves. If you don’t have a natural hourglass shape, a bodice shaped that way will help give you a more defined waist. As a side note, you may want to avoid bodices that are smooth and without texture, as
these can actually make you appear larger than you really are. When finding your ideal silhouette and design, remember that the body should look balanced; if you are bottom heavy, avoid anything with a fitted skirt and feature bedazzlements around the bodice; if you are more top-heavy, a higher waist that pinches the smallest point and subtly flairs out (like an empire waist) will do wonders.

3.White Isn’t a Requirement

People have been wearing white wedding dresses since Queen Victoria established the color trend with her white gown in 1840, but other hues have been regaining some popularity. Curvy women tend to look great in white dresses that have Just hints of color or small but  visible color accent, like a single solid-color sash that draws in the waist and either a trim or a tapered out color panel Running down the center of the dress. . If you want to go with a solid dress, you know what colours you look best in, and this depends more on skin tone than dress size. That said, deeper, more elegant shades tend to be more slimming than bold shades or pastels.

4.Know Your Lines

When it comes right down to it, the right wedding dress is all about having the right lines. The general rule has always been to look for vertical lines, but don’t ignore horizontals just yet. Skirts and bodices with well-placed horizontal lines can actually work really well, especially if those lines have a slight slant to them and are somewhat overlapping. If you want to keep things simple, a thick ribbon running across at your waist can highlight it nicely without becoming lost in a sea of fabric.

5.Frills and Thrills

If you’re looking for a dress with some heavier texture and frills, look for one where the more elaborate designs are lower down on the skirt rather than sitting on your bust or waist (otherwise, you risk the frilly cupcake effect, which basically means your dress will exaggerate all the wrong places). On that note, big, poofy sleeves died with the 80s. If you must have sleeves, keep them simple, and you’ll probably find that an elegant V-neck works well with them. But be careful with how deep the neck of your dress plunges. Only a small amount of visible cleavage is acceptable— large amounts quickly become unflattering in a wedding dress. If you decide to go sleeveless, look into dresses that have only a slight dip in the front, if any. With sleeveless dresses, your arms, shoulders and upper back will already be bare. Highly visible cleavage just creates an unflattering imbalance.

6.Get the Right ‘Do

Whatever you do, try to avoid a long and straight hairstyle, as that often points right down to your curves to exaggerates them (and not in a good way). Updos work on a lot of people, especially those who get dresses with sleeves or more elaborate backs but, if you happen to have a fuller face and shorter neck, a half up, half down look will work better. Having tendrils or long, thin bangs falling on either side of your face will also frame it nicely and draw attention to your cheek bones, even if yours are not particularly well-defined. As far as veils go, it should hit at least below the shoulders. Single layered, or thin, softly staggered layers will be most flattering.

7.Love Your Look

The most important thing of all is that you feel beautiful and comfortable on the big day. After all, you’re getting married! As much as it is about the dress, it is really about you and your husband-to-be, who should still want to marry you even if you’re dressed in a paper bag.

Guest post by Emily Schilling



The ultimate swimsuit shopping guide for plus size women.cute plus size bathing suits, forever 21 swim plus,

*Post updated with new options on January 05th 2017

Welcome to my plus size swimwear guide! You are here because you’re either looking for a cute swimsuit or looking for tips on how to buy plus size swimwear online. You’ll find both answers in this post. No matter your size we all deserve to be beautiful at the beach and pool. Gosh ! The last time I wore a 2 piece swimsuit was probably in 2004 before having kids.This year, I am just tempted to start wearing them again. I am a lot more confident and inspired by all the ladies that share with us their beautiful beach bodies every day.

Where to cute buy cute plus size swimwear online?

The options are just endless this year. Companies are slowly understanding that our money is as green as everyone else. Plus size swimsuits are available at Walmart, Evans, Forever 21, Rue 107, Addition Elle, Monif C, Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, Macy’sJosephine SwimEbay, Amazon, Swimsuits For All to name a few.The ideal way to shop for swimsuits is in the store.You can to try them, feel them or leave them behind if you do not like them. I understand that not everyone loves to shop on the internet, the truth is that everything is slowly moving online.The online stores have more options and sometimes better prices.


A few tips for you in case you decide to shop your plus size swimwear online


  • Take your measurements including your cup size. Every company has their own sizing chart, make sure you open and read it.The problem that most people have is that their breasts never seems to fit in their swimsuits. Swimsuits For All gives the option to choose different sizes on the top and bottom. 
  • Go with something familiar, maybe something you’ve tried before or maybe you own it in a different print or color.
  • Read the company policies to find out if they accept returns before you click pay now.
  • Read reviews to know what people think about the suit.


Below I am giving you a lot of options starting with my most recent favorite suits. Click on the picture to Shop

2017 options

2016 options

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2016 options

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2016 options


 2017 options

2016 options

PLus size swimwear swimsuit guide, plus size swimwear walmart, plus size high waist bikini,

RUE107 : Rue107 blends vintage-inspired styles, bold hues and feminine silhouettes to create contemporary designs that celebrate every woman’s uniqueness. Rue 107 is a small indie designer and they just launched their plus size collection. They go up  to 4x.

NAKIMULI: is one my favorite indie designers out there. She makes beautiful pieces for funky girls. Most of her items are limited , so if you like it you better grab it asap before it’s gone. They go up to 3x.

 monif plus size, monif c swimwear amazon, plus size bathing suits for women


1.$158 | 2.$138

MONIF C: This guide could not be completed without adding one of the best in the plus size industry. Monif C. makes beautiful plus size swimwear. Her prints are amazing and I have a soft side for the 2 pieces. They go up to 24.

plus size high waisted bikini,

EMPRESS LINGERIE:  launched September 2012, has introduced a fabulous new line of lingerie and swimwear to the plus size market. Their Bliss collection is designed to flatter and accentuate feminine curves; and both our lingerie and swimwear pieces are beautiful, sensual and vintage inspired, perfect for a dreamy wedding night or a romantic honeymoon. I love this little animal print number above. They go up to size 28.


Click to shop
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More places to check out:
EVANS:  I am all here from the retro chic swimsuits. Evans has a great collection of swim dresses, swim skirts and covers. They go up to size 28.
KIYONNA: If you are looking for something a little more conservative Kiyonna is definitely the place to check out.

MODCLOTH: has some beautiful retro style swimsuits. This red and white is everything. They go up to 4x.
TARGET: I love target’s plus size swimsuit collection. There is something for everyone, and the prices are reasonable. I am not sure if  they are available in stores, but their online collection goes up to size 24W US.

LAND’S END: has a great collection of plus size swimsuits .They go up to 26W.

 ADDITION ELLE: I love Addition Elle because they are local, so you can just stop by anytime and try out their  tropical prints and flirty florals swimsuits. They go up to size 24