Family Movie Night #StreamTeam


You know they are grown when they start asking you to watch shows with them – As that keeps coming up we decided it was time for a proper honest to goodness family movie night –

Popcorn – Check

New favorite shows check

Full family in the house – check

Netflix – Check

Well, family movie night has changed! 20 years ago – you would have had to manually search your movie collection, find sometimes that some DVDs have gone missing or scratched, get up and go put it in the DVD player …. It’s mind-boggling how the whole experience now comes down to turning on your favorite streaming device and voila, all from the comfort of your couch – Netflix has really gone and fully disrupted the way we access movies… but I digress – this is about family night and the kids are the bosses so we start with Wabbit!

If you don’t know what Wabbit is, stop reading this post and…, wait no, don’t go yet, finish reading the post then go turn on Netflix and search for wabbit.

In a nutshell, It’s going to bridge the generational gap between you and your kids – Buggs and the rest of the looney toons are classics, no 3d special effects here, just good old 2d hand drawn and animated art that instantly draws you in!

But hey, don’t take my word for it, if Wabbit doesn’t float your boat, the kids will find something that will and options are in abundance. A few good ones are:

  • Zootopia, the latest animated take on setting your mind on the impossible and blazing the trail, a good story – we took the kids to watch it in theatres, they jumped on the opportunity to watch it again when It showed up on Netflix, the scene with the sloths never fail to crack me up, that’s an instant classic.
  • Tangled, well the original story had a few intriguing sub-tones but this one is Disney approved and safe for your kids so have at it.
  • If your kids are into mechanical toys – Planes should be right up their alley, while it wasn’t as big a hit as Cars, it’s still a great piece to watch


That’s a lot of kids stuff – time to put them to bed and go watch Captain Jack Sparrow!


 I am part of the Netflix Canada Stream Team. All opinions are my own.300






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